Precision CNC & Swiss Screw Machining

Prototyping and Short-Run Production


Milwaukee Precision Machining is a state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2008 certified machine shop with a complete on-site metrology lab. MPM also has CMM capabilities to verify SPC to the strictest precision.

Milwaukee Precision Machining takes great pride in their ability to produce rapid prototypes, and help their customers with their design, engineering, and production, all of which can be done to tolerances as close as +/-.001". MPM also provides customers with some of the shortest lead times in the industry. All quotes will be returned within two days or less.

High-speed drill/tap, plating and full turn-key solutions, including assembly.


Milwaukee Precision Machining Equipment Listing

CNC Vertical Machining Centers


CNC MachineAxis CapabilitiesSpecificationsAdditional Features
Hyundai Kia VX650 Axis travels X=55.1” Y=26” Z=25” 40 taper, 10,000 RPM, 20-station tool changer With Pallet Shuttle
Daewoo DVC-320 Axis travels X=24.5” Y=12.5” Z=13.7” 30 taper, 10,000 RPM, 14-station tool change N/A
Haas VF2 Axis travels X=30” Y=16” Z=20” 40 taper, 7500 RPM, 20-station tool changer N/A
Haas VF3 with 4th Axis Axis travels X=40” Y=20” Z=25” 40 taper, 7500 RPM, 24 station tool changer N/A


CNC Horizontal Machining Centers

CNC MachineAxis CapabilitiesIncrementsSpecificationsAdditional Features
Hyundai Kia HS400i Axis travels X= 25” Y= 22” 1-degree increment 4th axis 40 taper, 12,000 RPM, 60-station tool changer With Pallet shuttle
Kearney & Trecker 200 Axis travels X=30” Y=20” Z=20” 1-degree increment 4th axis 40 station tool changer Fanuc Controls
Kearney & Trecker 200 Axis travels X=24” Y=20” Z=20” 1-degree increment 4th axis 40 station tool changer Fanuc Controls 

CNC Turning Centers


CNC MachineStation TurretTurning DiameterMilling DiameterMachining Length
Samsung SL20BMC w/ live tooling 8” Chuck, 12 Station Turret 13.8” Max. turning diameter 14.4” Max. milling diameter 21.3” Max. machining length
Haas SL30 10” Chuck, 10 Station Turret   21” Max. turning diameter 26” Max. milling diameter N/A
Haas HL10 8” Chuck, 10 Station Turret 10” Max. turning diameter N/A N/A

Additional Equipment


Machine CategoryMakeMachine
Inspection Equipment Brown and Sharpe CMM DCC 454 with PC-DMIS Cad 2014
Inspection Equipment Brown and Sharpe CMM manual Gage 2000
Inspection Equipment Mitutoyo  Profile Projection PH350 Comparator- Geo-Chek
Inspection Equipment Mitutoyo  Profilometer SJ-210
Manual Toolroom Brigeport  Mills
Manual Toolroom Doall  Surface Grinders
Manual Toolroom Harig  Toolroom Grinder
Manual Toolroom Sunnen  Hones
Inspection Equipment N/A Surface Plates
Manual Toolroom N/A Horizontal Mill


Multi Axis CNC Machining

Multi Axis CNC Machining

Our Hass Multi-Axis Machines offer our customers a number of advantages. Read More »

Turning and Milling

Turning and Milling

We have know-how and experience to meet your high requirements for turning and milling. Read More »

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